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Save the Bees

About Save the Bees Project

Beekeeping Essentials

Here at SaveTheBeesProject.com, we’re not just about saving bees but also a hub for all things apiary. We provide comprehensive information on the essentials of beekeeping, from understanding the social structure of the hive – including the roles of worker bees, drone bees, and the queen bee – to mastering the use of beekeeping equipment such as smokers and hive tools. We provide insights into the lifecycle of bees, the phenomena of swarming and bearding, and the significance of the bee dance.

Honey Production and More

Discover the intricate processes of honey production, extraction, and harvesting, along with other bee-derived products like beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and bee bread. Explore the fascinating architecture of honeycombs and the careful maintenance of the brood. We also give you a glimpse into bee breeding and sustainable beekeeping practices.

Bees as Vital Pollinators

Recognizing bees’ pivotal role in pollination, we aim to foster an environment conducive to their survival. Learn how to create a bee-friendly habitat, starting from your backyard, by planting pollinator gardens with bee-friendly plants.

Confronting Threats to Bees

We tackle the pressing issues bees face, including colony collapse disorder (CCD), pesticide exposure—especially neonicotinoids—and diseases. Our approach to these challenges encompasses solutions like integrated pest management (IPM) and initiatives to prevent varroa mites and other threats.

Advocacy and Education

As passionate bee advocates, we offer beekeeping classes to inspire a new generation of beekeepers and apiologists. We shed light on different aspects of bee conservation, covering topics from native bees to urban beekeeping.

We strive to protect these small but mighty creatures at Save the Bees. Join us as we continue to create a buzz about saving the bees and ensuring their vital role in our ecosystem.

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